How far do the tentacles reach?

Proposed McDonald's Army, Copperhead Assault Vehicle

Proposed for the newly revamped McDonald's Army, the Copperhead Assault Vehicle is displayed in model form at the World Cup. Yea 0-0!!!

Doctors expect a full recovery because otherwise they wouldn’t get their money.

How many different ways can you say, “We’re toast!”?

G8 summit leaders engage in "dance party"-like activities.

The tracks go off in this direction...

Who’s a bad storm trooper?! WHO’S A BAD STORM TROOPER?!

Where is Milagros Cohen?

What kind of fantasy would Norman Mailer have on Fantasy Island?

When the monsters come how will they know our names?

How does the bliss machine do what it does?

Who decided toilets make kitchy planters?

Soon there will be ginger ale

Chinese midget circus of wonder and delight coming soon!

Only 50 more miles to water. Yea!

Great! Now who’s gonna shave me?!

Sandworms demand crackers

“More than 2000 students are taken away by sandworms each year”, says an anonymous TUSD board member.

What would happen if the Pied Piper and Saint Patrick were hired to drive each other out of town?

“The crows seemed to be calling my name, thought Caw.”

Why not use both hands to clap?

Enhanced Early Childhood Development Program delivers results

Study says babies making switch away from milk and juice to crappy
cheap beer to harden themselves for the coming apocalypso.

Did you plug said hole yet?

Why didn’t you tell me?

Have you touched my pants?

How are the Charles Bukowski dinner rolls?

We have to make the best paella!

The mission depends on paella!

Why does Paul McCartney look like an old lesbian?

Why are there 200 lbs of habaneros in the bathtub?

Weiner dogs untie!

Organic oranges…made from real organs!

Did you mean, Boniface was martyred in Frisia?

Do you think one day we’ll laugh and put this all behind us?

Do I make you feel like a natural woman?

How many batteries do I shove in here?

When is time?

Smile No One is Watching You!

Flamenco is a great way to start the day.

Where did the pigs go?

What does Grandpa do with that hoe?

There is some sort of problem with Facebook connectionating.

Why are there 17 devas in your ice cube tray?

Why does it burn me when you urinate?

Intrigue Spies Romance

Lemons go with most everything…except anal sex.

Where did you find that neon codpiece?

See the clouds, line up the shot

Officials examine wreckage.

How come I can always do it in about 4 hours?

You really think I’ll stay awake that long?

Why doesn’t your gag reflex kick in, when you do that?

Whose finger is that?

Do you like my new sunglasses?

And what's your favorite beverage?

If you don’t call that blatent disregard, what do you call it?

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This information is dataless contextless and meaningless. Parsing it will wither your frontal lobe. Pondering it will crash your gargantuan orangutan databases. Kittens will be perplexed while laying in fields of roses and poppies devising schemes for a world dance party.